Notebook Review | Field Notes “End Papers” Edition

Field Notes are an American company who specialise in notebooks and memo books for use in … the field. They also release variations on their signature notebooks with pretty designs and different types of paper inside. The End Papers edition is one of their quarterly releases for 2018, a set of two journals in blue and green.

The marbled pattern in the green version of the notebook.

Notably, the End Papers are journals rather than memo books, intended to be more durable than the average Field Notes notebook. They measure 89mm by 178mm, making them longer than the standard memo books. They’ll still fit into the back pocket of your jeans if you don’t mind them sticking out.

I had originally intended to use them in my Traveler’s Notebook, but this didn’t work out due to the thickness of the journals (68 pages!) and the way they’re bound. The binding is more reminiscent of a hardcover book than a saddle-stitched notebook. In other words, it makes the spine more blocky than the usual booklet.

Field Notes End Papers comparison with Midori Traveler's Notebook Kraft Insert
Field Notes End Papers journal compared to a standard Midori Traveler’s Notebook pencil board and insert.

I’ve been carrying the green version around without much care to test out the sturdiness of them for the past two months. This is mostly as a supplement for my poor memory. The pages alternate between blank and ruled (left and right respectively) which is handy for making lists and then making sarcastic comments on the opposite side.

The paper itself handles fountain pens well, though I’d consider it to be more on the absorbent side. There’s some feathering with a stub nib, though not considerable. For the most part I’ve been making my lists with a Lamy Safari in a F, which it handles fine, with some minimal bleedthrough.

My main issue with the journal is the difficulty of actually using it without a hard surface. They don’t open flat due to the nature of the binding, and bending back the cover back inevitably creates a crease. I don’t mind the cover showing wear and tear because they’re Field Notes, after all, but it is a bit of a shame.

Anyway, left to its own devices, my notebook will just sit open like so:

The Field Notes End Papers sitting open without a paperweight. (I did call Stuart back, in case you’re wondering.)

While I like the notebooks for the paper quality, the aesthetic, and the marbling, I don’t see myself purchasing them again. Using them for lists is fine in theory, but actually writing in one on the go is inconvenient. They’re just slightly too big to carry around in my pockets, too.

Field Notes End Papers
Side-view of the End Papers notebook, showing the signatures and the “blocky” spine in more detail.

I purchased my set of Field Notes End Papers from Notes to Self. (Update: Sadly, Notes to Self is now defunct.) You can find them directly on the Field Notes website as or on Amazon well.

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