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Organics Studio Ernest Hemingway Ink and Fountain Pen Writing Sample

The Ernest Hemingway Santiago’s Sea Blue is a newer entry in Organics Studio‘s Masters of Writing series, released earlier in 2018. I was lukewarm to the idea of it at first, though I’ve liked the other OS sheeners I own. But what sets the Hemingway Santiago’s Sea apart from all the red-sheening blues out there?

Ink was probably what got me excited about fountain pens the most. Sheening inks are by far the most interesting to me, partly because I was rubbish at chemistry, and didn’t pay attention to anything that wasn’t going to explode. What companies like Organics Studio do to achieve these results is basically alchemy. I adored the Walden Pond Blue and enjoyed Nitrogen Royal Blue as well. In spite of that, I was worried the fatigue would set in.

… But damn, they won me over again.

Writing Samples and Impressions

Hemingway resembles my experience with both of the other “sheen queens” I’ve been able to try out in terms of dry time and lubrication. I’ve seen it called a dry-writing ink, which hasn’t been my experience with it. However I’ve yet to test it in a F or EF nib, so that could well be the case. The ink flows well and gives saturated strokes. It smears to high heavens if you’re not careful, and in anything thicker than an F will probably take some time to dry. I used a Lamy 2000 M for my writing samples here.

Organics Studio Ernest Hemingway Ink Writing Sample/Impressions
Writing sample of OS Ernest Hemingway using a Lamy 2000, on FRANK Stationery paper

Due to the saturation of the colour, it writes a little darker than the swabs may suggest. There’s not so much shading as the dark teal mixing with dark red glow that creates a similar effect. It’s a blue-leaning teal for sure, darker, bluer, and moodier than Walden Pond.

The notebook I’ve used for the writing sample is from FRANK Stationery, a NZ company. I’ve found the paper in the notebooks to be fountain pen-friendly with minimal feathering and no bleed-through. The Hemingway’s red sheen is more subdued here than on Rhodia or Tomoe River, but it’s hard to miss nevertheless. You can’t kill a sheen beast with a bit of absorbency.

Organics Studio Hemingway Ink Swabs
Close up on the swabs.

Final Blathering and Where to Buy

I’m a sucker for blue-greens, more than a true royal blue (sorry, Nitrogen, I love you all equally) and the darker, slightly more subdued look of Hemingway really appeals to me. It’s kind of like a stealth sheen, whereas something like Walden Pond demands your attention. Organics Studio isn’t letting us feel the fatigue with these releases because they’re not monotonous, and Hemingway is a great addition to the range.

I bought Hemingway and my other Organics Studio inks from Pen Classics. The 55ml bottle of Organics Studio Ernest Hemingway Santiago’s Sea Blue (say it three times fast) goes for $23.99 NZD excluding shipping. The Organics Studio site lists other international stockists also.

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